Digital certificates verifiable with blockchain

A unic service for universities and other academic institutions

We make available to schools and universities the necessary technology so that they can issue a digital and unforgeable version of their degrees and we give everyone access to the online verification system for them.

The students of the participating schools will receive a digitized academic certificate, which they can share with third parties so that they can view it and validate its authenticity.


With Blockchan Qualifications it is not posible to fake academic certificates any more!

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Partnership with Alastria

Blockchain Qualifications holds a strategic partnership with the most important consortium of blockchain companies in Spain.

Advantages of issuing blockchain certificates 


Immutable titles with security systems against falsification

Cost Saving

Agile system that eliminates intermediaries and printing costs


Allows viewing and sharing from anywhere in the world

About Blockchain Qualifications

We use the Ethereum blockchain, recognized as the most secure, reliable and transparent blockchain platform for decentralized applications.

Unbreakable security protocols against fraudulent activities.
Optimized and intuitive platform.
Integrated with the institution's CRM software with limitless issuance capacity. customization and integration with the client's website and brand.
Cloud based platform with easy and quick set-up.
Certificates can be integrated with LinkedIn and other social networks.

¿What is blockchain about?

Blockchain is a new technology appeared in 2009 that allows information to be recorded under digital unforgeable signatures, recognizing the issuer with total reliability. It is based on a cryptography system that ensures the immutability of the information to avoid any possible manipulation.

In addition, its storage system replicated in thousands of servers distributed throughout the world, provides state-of-the-art security to registered information and an immediate, unquestionable and global data verification capacity.

The application of this technology in universities and educational entities allows creating a new type of certificate that is more reliable, transparent, and quick. Its capacity to validate the issuer of the degrees in just two clicks represents a paradigm shift that is already revolutionizing the industry.

Blockchain Qualifications Value Proposition

For the University

  • Avoids fake certificates
  • Quick and easy process
  • Positive Impact on the school branding
  • Greater value for its students
  • Preserves the school status

Para el graduado

  • Easy to share and validate by anyone
  • Facilitates the apostille for international recognition
  • Possibility to locate the certificate on Linkedin or as a QR code in the resume.
  • Get noticed during recruitment processes
  • Instantaneous

Para la empresa

  • Ability to verify candidates' qualifications using a quick, simple and cost-free system
  • Financial savings derived from hiring errors
  • Possibility of obtaining other relevant and validated information

Start issuing blockchain-based certificates

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